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5 Solid Reasons To Avoid Low Cost Double Stroller
03.01.2016 12:21

When choosing a double stroller or travel system for your two kids, price is one factor that most parents tend consider as a major factor. With the current economic status being sometimes in shambles, it is not unusual for anyone to choose a product that they think is more affordable. However, cheap is indeed expensive’ as they always say. This being 1 of them, here are 4 more Solid Reasons to Avoid Low-Cost Double Strollers

Most Are Low performance - You Can’t Go Jogging

If you are that parent who likes jogging and would love to bring your kids along in their stroller, avoid the low cost options. Most of them are low performance and lack the resilience to maneuver in rough or irregular terrains. They are constructed from cheap low-quality material that will break or fall apart easily, leading you back to the market within a short period of use. You end up spending more than you actually saved when buying the low-cost product. 

Most of Them Offer Minimal Comfort

Apart from being quite unstable, most of the double strollers whose prices are tagged as low-cost have very little to offer when it comes to comfort. This is in terms with the quality of padding material on the seat and the backrest. It is more advisable to spend your money for the value of high comfort for your babies. Some average or high end double strollers are convertible into a car seat or carry coat. Some of them contain seats and back rests that can incline to various positions for your child’s enhanced comfort. 

Operating and Placing Attachments Is Harder

Most low-cost double strollers are hard to operate. Additionally, placing attachments such as the sun canopy or protection is a difficult task in most of them. It can be a better option to spend your money on a stroller that gives you high convenience; not just performance for the sake of it. Go for pram that allows easy operation, where turning and pushing it should not be a difficult task. 

Limited Features and Warranty

If you look at most low-cost double strollers, manufacturers offer very limited warranties for the products. They also lack additional features such as shopping baskets, more space for packing blankets, mosquito nets, removable sun protection, and baby diapers for use when out in the field just to mention a few. Apart from having lots of important additional features for baby protection, comfort and safety, higher end strollers have impressive warranties and money back guarantees. 



As much as the comfort of your babies is concerned, going for a low cost double stroller might not be the best idea. Additionally affordability is a relative factor, where only the parent buying the product decides what is or is not affordable to them. There are lots of double baby strollers that you can find from online stores, ranging from $100 to $150, some with discounts and offers. Just avoid those low-cost alternatives for the best experience for you and your babies.


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