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Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Double Stroller
17.05.2016 02:39

After not being able to do much exercise for 9+ months, many new mothers decide to spend time jogging regularly, whether to become active and to lose the baby weight. For women who just gave birth to twins or those who simply happen to have two babies, a double jogging stroller can prove to be remarkably convenient. While you can save money if your baby tag along with you for your daily jog, jogging can be the stressful activity for the little ones, so make sure their neck muscles are strong enough.

If you do not already have a best double stroller, here are the things you should consider before buying one.


Best Double Stroller

Tandem Strollers: These innovative, narrow strollers have a front-to-back design, so one baby sits in the back and the other in the front.


Travel System Strollers: These strollers can be converted into a car seat, which makes them ideal for traveling.

Umbrella Strollers: These lightweight and portable strollers can be folded so that they are compact enough to be carded along anywhere.


V-Shaped Strollers: As their name suggests, the front of these strollers have a V-shape, so they can be easily maneuvered while jogging. Essential Features Canopies: If you jog in the early morning or near sunset, canopies will protect your babies from the elements and the sun.


Five-point harnesses: To ensure that your babies will be safe and secure while you jog, it is best if a double jogging stroller is equipped with two five-point harnesses that will go over between the legs and over the hips and shoulders of your babies.


Folding mechanism: Jogging strollers, especially second ones, occupy more space even when folded, but it is still better to have a stroller that can be easily folded.

Parking brake: If you ever have to let go of the stroller, knowing that it has a parking break and engaging it will help you feel certain that the stroller will stay in place instead of be rolling away on its own.


Reclining seats: Seats that recline will keep your babies comfy and relaxed.


Safety certification: If a stroller has a safety certification, it is an indication that the manufacturer built it to keep the little ones safe and that it underwent meticulously and rigid safety tests.

Safety tether: Apart from a parking brake, jogging strollers should also be equipped with a safety strap or tether that can be worn around the wrist so that the stroller does not accidentally roll away while you are jogging.


Three wheels & air filled tires: Three wheels with pneumatic tires that are filled with air, just like those of a bicycle, will not only make it easier for you to maneuver the stroller but it will roll along smoothly. However, keep in mind that the tires could get flat and would have to be regularly filled with air to keep them inflated.



Double jogging strollers are some of the most high-performance strollers available today. The fact that they are specifically designed to accompany a jogger and keep little ones safe is a testament to their quality. Moreover, if you consider the above things before buying a double jogging stroller, you will end up with one that will not disappoint.


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